Individual Sessions

During an Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy Session you will experience your body through the touch of my hands as well as through movement that arises from your inner impulse, sounds, somatization and visualization.

How it works

Usually there is an initial trial session in which you can get to know me and the way I work. It provides an opportunity to ask questions and often also to get a taste of the quality of my touch.
Individual Sessions last about 90 minutes and you are asked to wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. 
First we will discuss the issues or symptoms that you would like to work on and agree on a physical starting point. From there we will journey together, exploring a range of body systems and movement patterns until we achieve a level of cellular awareness.
Through this we are able to find the possibility of change and reorientation. 
At the end of the session there is time to integrate your experience in the form of dialogue and/or artistic expression (e.g.: drawing, painting, writing).

Normally sessions happen on a weekly or fortnightly basis, however duration and frequency are tailored to your specific needs. There is no need to commit to a specific number of sessions.


Berlin (Mitte)
Brandenburg (Potsdam, Körzin, Angermünde, Stolzenhagen/Oder)
Occasional sessions available in Braunschweig, Vilnius, Moscow.
Detailed information by phone/ email . See Contact


information at the phone for free (10 min)

Individual Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy sessions:
50 - 150 € (sliding scale depending at your income).

Private health insurance and Healing Practitioner supplementary insurance can be used to finance part/ full cost of the treatment.


Client Feedback

'It's as if you've taught my cells new ways of moving.'
Elke - after a session in oct. 17, 2005, for intervertabral disc problems and spondylanthroses.


Details of the recommendation:

Maren Hillert is a very sensitive and experienced bodytherapist, who helped me with her work out of hard mentally depth-phase/ psychic trauma. Since then (we worked over a period of two years and it´s two years ago) my life did change and I feel ongoing good. I experienced „at my own body“ that work with the body leads to sustainable change also by psychic problems, and I am very happy to find Maren by chance in this difficult time. Thank you!



Lena describes her session july, 4th of 2002, in the following:

"As the session starts thoughts about the past day are buzzing around my head. As I speak with Maren I start to feel more awake and clearer in my thoughts. I talk about the stress at work and my back pain. She asks me questions about the pain, my situation in general, my current awareness of my body and what form of support I would like right now. I am so flustered that I have no idea so I am glad of her proposal to lie down on the ground.
The first touch doesn't take place until I feel safe. When she touches my feet I feel a sense of calm within. Later on my left shoulder twitches. I don’t remember every detail of this treatment, but at times I feel my anger rising. Maren invites me to trace this anger through my body. She asks how my body feels? Where is it constricted? Where does it hold this anger?
Amazed I start to register processes inside me that I have never paid any attention to before now. My stomach makes gurgling noises, I feel my lower back start to release and all of a sudden I feel a rush of power inside me. I want to jump up and run around to test it out. At the end of the session everything seems easy and flexible again.
I feel like a peppermint - a fresh breeze around the outside and more space on the inside. I feel like my life is in full flow and I have a desire to go for a long, long walk."