About me

Through my own dance and body explorations in the last 25 years I have gained a deep respect for the wonder of the body in motion. I am happy to share my knowledge and awareness in my classes and in individual sessions.
My professional interest is to deepen your perception of your own body and to support you in finding delight in moving and behaving in your way. Using touch, visualization, sound and movement we work to awaken your body’s inner potential and allow every single cell to relax and unfold.

Maren Hillert 
Dipl. Ing (landscape planning), Dip IBMT (diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy), SMT (registered Somatic Movement Therapist)
Healing Practitioner, Body and Movement Therapist, Dance Educator Born in 1968, Braunschweig

Techniques employed

As a Healing Practitioner and Somatic Bodytherapist:
Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) based on the principles of:
    Body-Mind Centering®
    Somatic Psychology
    Authentic Movement 

Cranio-Sacral Therapy and

As a Dance Educator:
Contemporary dance techniques as the following:
Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, the principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Creative Dance and Dance Improvisiation.

Professional Interests

I live and work in Berlin as a Somatic Bodytherapist as well as an Educator in professional somatic body- and movement therapy trainings in Berlin and Vilnius/Lithuania.  

I offer the following:

Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy:

  • Individual Sessions with adults
  • Treatment of babies and children when the range of movement is reduced and/ or when you worry about your child´s behaviour.
  • Individual Sessions with disabled people as well as child care for autisitc children.

Coaching and Consultation:

  • for artists and performing groups
    based on my experiences as a performer and on many years of voluntary artistic support of different performance groups.
    (Last own performance at the Black Light Exhibition at Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, 12/ 2005, dance: Maren Hillert, Heike Kuhlmann; Life Percussion:"Klang-Baustelle").
  • for parents
    practical advice and support for parents concerning nonverbal communication with their baby and their baby´s development including infant movement development patterns.
    I will give Information about the baby´s development as well as teaching basic movement sequences. Parents can easily follow those sequences and repattern their own movement development.


Since september 2013 I am teaching the Diploma Training for Intergative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT training) in Moscow. 

Since november 2011 
I am teaching the IBMT-Diploma Training in Vilnius/Lithuania.

Since september 2011 
I am teaching in the Berlin based Somatic Movement Therapy Training "Voices of the Body" with Susanne Kukies. See www.somatische-koerpertherapie.de

Since March 2007 I have been assisting and teaching on a ISMETA- registered training for Somatic Body- and Movement Therapy with Susanne Kukies in Berlin.

Unregular, see: classes & workshops:
Creative Contemporary Dance – Group sessions for adults and children, exploratory workshops


I have previous experience of the following issues: 

migraines, tinnitus, hyperthyroidism, extreme tensions in the neck and shoulderarea, back pain (spondylarthroses, slipped disc), problems with the knees, digestive issues, polyarthritis, HIV, 

birth trauma, relationship issues,
mourning after separation/ death of a loved one, a feeling of numbness in life, low self esteem, loss of orientation or stimulation, inability to connect with deep emotion.

With love and joy I accompany my clients on their personal journey of growth and development.


Education – training

2009, Jan.
Sharing the Presence Intensives mit Thomas Hübl in Brandenburg

Reflexology - refresher with Yashi Kunz
"Sharing the Presence” intensives
with Thomas Hübl

2005 + 06
Assisting and individual sessions at the "Institute for Integrative
bodywork and movement therapy" in Ashdon and Cambridge, UK, with Linda Hartley

Tao and Body-Mind Centering with Annett Pinkall
Mantak Chia´s Tai Chi with Annett Pinkall

2004 + 05
Advanced training in Authentic Movement, Intensives,
in GB with Linda Hartley

Healing Practitioner-exam in Berlin

Studies in Reflexology

1999 - 2002
Training and Diploma in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley

Cranio-sacral therapy studies with Heiko Lührsen
Intensive studies in Hatha-Yoga (Ashtanga and Iyengar) at moveo Berlin

Dance pedagogy diploma for "creative children dance" from Leanore Ickstadt, who was a pupil of Mary Wigman's

1988 - 2007
Studies and professional dance classes in Contemporary dance, Contact
Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and Dance Improvisation, Release
Technique with:
Eva Günther, Dieter Heitkamp, Sygun Schenk, Ka Rustler, David Zambrano, Stephanie Maher, Jess Curtis, Rachel Lincoln, Lucia Walker, labor gras and others.

1987- 1996
Masters degree in landscape engineering. Subject of the diploma thesis:
The perception of atmospheres of spaces in reciprocal dependence to the
mood of the observer.

1971 - 1986
children gymnastics and dance,
as a participant and later as a licensed leader