Cranio-Sacrale Therapie

Cranio-sacral from latin:
cranium = skull
und sacrum = back-bone in the pelvis

In cranio-sacral therapy we give attention to the rhythm of the cerebro-spinal fluid. It moves in a free, rhythmic movement between skull and brain and further on the vertebral canal down till the sacrum. This movement is also called the "cranial wave".

The cranio-sacral system has a connection to the whole body. An dysfunction within this system can have negative impact on organs, muscles, bones as well as on the nervous, vascular or endocrine systems. Dysfunctions can be palpated/sensed and often balanced through very subtle pressure at the skull or the pelvis.
Another focus of treatment is the unwinding of the connective tissue through gentle touch and following the small movements that evolve.

In general, cranio-sacral therapy strengthens our vital functions and brings us to a state of balance. It is often helpful as a preventative measure to protect from migraines or tinnitus and is also used when having problems with jaw joint, back, knees or others.

I incorporate elements of Hugh Milne’s approach to cranio-sacral therapy in my individual sessions.