Philosophy of treatment

'...what we need in order to transform our sickness into health, and our confusion into wisdom, lies essentially within us, and not in the hands of the doctor, therapist, priest, or healer'
Linda Hartley

As bodyworker and movement therapist I support you in trusting your bodily perceptions and thus to develop more trust in yourself. I help you to find a good connection with yourself, to anchor yourself in your life and to be open to the world at your personal rhythm and tempo.

'Wholeness and intrinsic good health are the conditions at the core of human nature, and the way to healing lies in contacting and supporting the innate wisdom and inner healing process of the client, which often lie hidden and unrecognized within us.(...) Most of us need help in contacting and learning to trust our inner mentors and healers; few of us have been encouraged to do this in the past.

In a culture that is primarily oriented towards mental and verbal processing and communication, as ours is, bringing awareness to the subtleties of bodily processes, sensations, physical symptoms, and unconscious movement patterns offers a particularly powerful way into accessing the lost or hidden messages of the unconscious. Lost memory, information from the unconscious about our psychological, physical, and spiritual needs, and the body´s own innate intelligence and healing powers, can all be accessed through deep bodywork and somatic movement processes.'
(L. Hartley, Somatic Psychology, p.1+2, London, 2004).