Individual full body massage is characterized by a respectful and attentive touch using a variety of qualities. The client remains clothed:

  • Skin-touch:
    Gentle, long strokes activate the sensing cells of the skin and connective tissues.

  • Cat-walk:
    Firm, full blooded squeezing connects with the muscle tissue and generates a satisfying and centered feeling in the body.

  • Fluid flow:
    Clear, calm attention to the flow of blood, lymph, fat, cellular and intercellular fluids facilitates flexibility and the ability to make smooth transitions in everyday situations.

  • Organs:
    Deep organ touch awakens lost memories and feelings.

  • Floating bones:
    Connecting to the bones of the body with a direct and clear touch helps to ground and calm the nervous system and release muscle tension.

  • Endocrine/Nervous system connection:
    Occasionally I bring my attention to the endocrine system which corresponds to the Chakras as described in Yoga traditions. This system can release creative energy and bring clarity, easing decision-making.
    Deeper exploration of both systems can take place in an Integrative Bodywork Session.

  • Sound:
    Sounding is used to bring the whole body into resonance.

  • Essential Oils:
    The fragrances of rose, cedar-wood, bergamot or neroli oils support the massages

Refresh your body and senses with a massage - it will re-energize you, strengthen your immune system and release any tension. You will feel grounded, connected and deeply relaxed.


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full body massage

60 min. 50 Euro
90 min. 80 Euro